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Manufacturer: SANY
Type: Roller
Industry: Construction
Condition: New Equipment
Net Power
145 HP @ 2,200 RPM
147.01 HP @ 36.67 Hz
Operating Weight
25,814 lbs
11,709 kg
Drum Width
2,130 mm

The SANY SSR120C-8 is a single drum roller designed to have a minimal learning curve and long component life. The simplicity of this machine makes it great for inexperienced road construction equipment operators to train on, offering intuitive controls that make for a natural feel. Powered by a 145 hp Cummins engine and weighing in at 25,529 lbs, the SSR120C-8 roller gives you the right power and weight you need to reach your density target.

  • Powerful Cummins engine
  • 62,947 lbs of centrifugal force
  • Comes standard with a removable padfoot shell kit
  • Comfortable enclosed cab, with air suspension heated seat

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